Our handsome boy Max achieved his Championship Title at 8 months of age. He continues to do very well in the showring, taking everything in his stride. Max is such an easy going lad, although he is very much a mummy's boy, he has been handled on the occasion by a junior handler, giving us very pleasing results.

Our Max is very popular at our local shows, enjoying pats from a variety of crowds.

Max will be at this year's Royal Adelaide Show, competing in his conformation classes if you  would like to come & meet him. He is a true representative of the breed.

Max is a registered ANKC Black Cane Corso . Born on 4/6/18. Max is a tall solid dog, with the most loveable, stable temperament! We couldn't ask for anything more from our Maximus.

Max loves everyone and everthing! He gives 100% towards any task that is asked of him. Max looks forward to dog obedience every week and is currently in Grade 4. In our spare time we are also training for Dog Sledding.

Max has outstanding movement in the showring with a lovely lengthened trot. He is everything breed standard. Max certainly covers a lot of ground having a slight drop off at his croup to accomodate a powerful reach and drive. He has a lovely level topline with a horizontal backline. Max is a very well balanced dog with appropriate rear and shoulder angulation, he has a low hock set and flexible pasterns.

Firebright Cane Corso 2019 

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