Porsche is a registered ANKC Dark Brown Brindle Cane Corso. Born on 11/2/18. Porsche is Sired by Italian Import "RENOIR".

Porsche has started her show ring career off nicely, gaining her Championship title by the tender age of 8 months old!

This versatile young lady is one of three, of our lovely Cane Corso Girls. She is a very solid built bitch and is already displaying efficiency and endurance.

Porsche is very well balanced mentally, as well as physically and is now competing CCD in Obedience and will soon commence training for Dog Sledding.

Our gorgeous girl Porsche is a highly active bitch, she has an abundance of energy! We are looking forward to her growing and maturing, so she can have some fun participating in Agility.



Chevy is a registered ANKC Blue/Fawn Brindle Cane Corso. Born on 9/4/18. Our Chevy gained her Championship title by 12 months of age. Chevy is a tall solid bitch with correct colouring and breed standard. Gray/Blue comes in different shades ranging from plum to slate to light gray. These dogs have self-colouring eyes; in some cases, the eye is as dark as brown. As dilutes, blue dogs will have blue noses and toenails. Just as common, if not more so, is blue brindle. Again the eyes are self colouring and as with all brindle dogs the eye should match the colour of the brindle. There is no preferred colour in this breed and none should be preferred over another provided all are in standard.

Our gorgeous loyal lady Chevy, is extremely loving! We couldn't be more pleased with how our girl is maturing.

She excels in everything she is put towards. We can not wait to see what this beautiful girl produces with offspring in the near future, having American blood lines, we consider ourselves to be quite lucky to have such impeccable breeding in our upcoming gene pool!

Chevy is currently in Grade 3 Obedience and will soon commence training for Dog Sledding.

Firebright Cane Corso 2019 

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